Medical centre

Specialist consultations

Nephrology deals with kidney conditions, whether they be primary (glomerulonephritis) or secondary to a systemic disease such as sugar diabetes or high blood pressure. Our plan includes making a diagnosis and setting up a treatment aimed at slowing and even stopping the progression of the illness.

General nephrology consultation Kidney failure to be monitored whatever the cause.

High blood pressure consultation
Diagnosing a secondary state of high blood pressure. Treatment put in place and monitored.

Kidney stone consultation Metabolism test for factors contributing to the risk of kidney stones.


Blood and urine testing allows the quantity of certain substances in the blood and urine to be measured. They allow the function level of certain organs to be evaluated and also for anomalies to be detected.

Services provided

Blood tests on appointment

Urine tests on appointment

Therapeutic training

The therapeutic training of the nephrology patient aims at helping the patient to acquire the skills for self-administration of care and for adapting to his/her condition.

Services provided

Information available from a specialist nurse on possible treatments for kidney substitute procedures (different methods of dialysis, liver transplants) or on the traditional treatment.

Two-voice medical hypnosis

Sandrine and Stephane, both nurses, practise ericksonian hypnosis, which is a short-term solution-based therapy characterised by a pragmatic non-directive approach. Cette thérapie brève orientée vers les solutions est caractérisée par une approche souple et non dirigiste.

Services provided

Qualified hypnotherapists from the French Institute of Hypnosis in Paris, they will offer you two-voice hypnosis sessions, allowing access to a deeper state of trance, thus facilitating access to your inner resources.


Physiotherapy aims to re-establish, maintain or improve a patient’s mobility, functioning and well-being.

Services provided

Physical re-education

Prevention of wounds

Health care

Physical conditioning

Quality of care is ensured by the establishment’s multi-disciplinary approach and cutting-edge medical equipment.